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ROV Sensors & Accessories – The OceanSENSE System

The increased demand for monitoring subsea hydrocarbon drilling and production operations led to the development of OceanSENSE. OceanSENSE is the world leading subsea leak AND cement returns detection system, developed and distributed by the Scottish subsea specialists OceanTools Ltd.

Fameline Oil & Gas focuses on the provision of excellence par none solutions to its clients for hostile deepwater projects. Through the Aberdeen-based OceanTools we can offer the most sensitive and cost-efficient subsea leak and cement returns detection system available in the market, the OceanSENSE system. The system comes in two versions, Diver Held and ROV-Mounted rated for water depths up to 3000m. Both systems are available for rental, while the ROV mounted system is available for demonstration at your facilities.

OceanSENSE has significant advantages over competing black light systems since it can operate with the ROV lights on increasing operational safety. In addition, it is the most sensitive sensor on the market (50 times more sensitive than the human eye) and it is the only system which can give repeatable recordings. The system in just 2.5 years of operations has mobilised on over 280 jobs with a 98% success rate.


  1. Subsea Leak Detection
  2. Cement Returns Detection

OceanSENSE can work with a wide range of DYES and substances including but not limited to:

  • OceanTools OceanDYE
  • Rhodamines including RX9022 and B275
  • Fluoresceins
  • Pelagic 100 & 100 Pink
  • Champion ClearDye