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ROV Systems

As the industry moves from shallow to deep and ultra-deep water environments, ROVs are essential tools described by many as the roustabouts of the future.

Fameline Oil & Gas offers ROV systems and services through IKM Subsea. IKM Subsea is an independent ROV designer, manufacturer and operator of work class and observation class ROV systems for water depths up to 3000 msw. IKM’s ROV fleet comprises of Merlin WR200 which is designed and manufactured in-house, as well as third party systems including the Saab Seaeye Tiger, Sub-Atlantic Comanche and Sub-Atlantic Mohican.

All systems are available on the spot market as well as for long term contracts.

For the spot market the following are provided provide:

  • All personnel for operations
  • Project management
  • A-Z planning and execution of ROV operations
  • Logistics and sea fastening
  • ROV-equipment and personnel mobilised at short notice at any port