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Natural Gas Liquids Extraction

In many cases, after Gas Conditioning (Gas Sweetening and Dehydration), Gas Processing must follow. Gas processing involves the extraction of heavier hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, butane, pentane+) from the conditioned (free of water, sulphur and carbon dioxide) gas stream, in a process known as Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) extraction. Natural gas liquids are usually recovered in liquid form (including LPG) and are then refined to separate components. Apart from the additional income generated by selling natural gas liquids, a main reason for the removal of the heavier hydrocarbons is to lower the hydrocarbon dew point (commonly between -10 0C to 0 0C) of natural gas and meet pipeline’s requirements.

Fameline Oil & Gas, offers through Generon mechanical refrigeration and/or J-T (Joule-Thompson) systems to help produce stabilized hydrocarbon liquids. An experienced engineering team is available to provide the most cost effective solution for every application.