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Membrane Air Dryers

Generon Membrane Air Dryers utilise firm’s in-house Advanced Fiber Technology and state-of-the-art Module fabrication. The units save money and time, performing with the lowest purge air loss achieving the highest possible efficiency.

Generon’s membrane air dryers have simple design characteristics and are ideal solution for applications where:

  • Space is a factor
  • Minimal maintenance is required – no moving parts
  • Dew points of > 0 0C are required
  • No power is available
  • Air/gas pressure is > 100 psig (6.9 barg)
  • Air/gas/ambient temperature is > 70 0C

Generon Membrane Dryers can be package in cabinets, on skids and in containerized systems.

Dew Pointfrom 40 0F to -40 0F (4.44 0C to -40 0C)
Flowsfrom 120 scf/m to 2,300 scf/m (3.4 to 65 Nm3/h)