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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen has a wide range of applications in the Upstream Oil & Gas operations. In particular it is used during drilling (panel and flare gas inerting, purging etc.), workover and well completion (well cleaning from fluids), and production operations. In addition, it is an excellent drying agent for pipeline dewatering, as well as a gas utilised for Enhanced Oil Recovery (nitrogen flood).

Being the core business of our principal Generon IGS, Fameline Oil & Gas can offer a complete range of Nitrogen Generators. All units are custom-built according to the specifications of each application, with an engineering team ready to advise the most suitable, efficient and economic system. The types of Nitrogen Generators on offer include:

Generon Nitrogen Generators – PSA vs Hollow Fiber Membrane technologies
Systems TypePurityPressureEase of OperationAmbient Temperature
Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)Ideal for generating high purity nitrogen up to 99.999%Outlet pressures up to 115 PSIG (7.93 barg)Maintenance is requiredIts performance declines rapidly above 35 0C to 40 0C depending on product purity
Hollow Fiber MembraneIdeal for generating nitrogen between 95% and 99%Outlet pressures up to 500 PSIG (34.47 barg)Simple system with no moving parts to maintainIt performs well up to 73 0C