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Hollow Fiber Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Generon Membrane Nitrogen Generators have their foundation on the research carried out by Dow Chemicals for polymeric materials and their permeability and selectivity properties. The company fully controls the manufacturing processes of its patented hollow fiber membranes, which are the core of its membrane generators.

The Hollow Fiber Membrane Generators comprises of a GENERON® membrane module containing millions of single hollow fibers. Compressed air is fed upstream the module, and due to the selective permeability of the GENERON® polymer, oxygen and water vapour are allowed to permeate through the membrane walls, resulting the flow of nitrogen downstream the module. In order to achieve separation of the gas molecules, pressure differential upstream and downstream the membrane module must be applied, causing diffusion of molecules.

Generon offers a broad range of Membrane Nitrogen Generators with purities from 95% to 99.9%. ALL systems can be custom designed to meet clients’ needs according to strict international standards. There is also the option of integrating the nitrogen membrane systems with primary compression, post/booster compression and customized air dryers.

The Membrane product line includes:

  • Nitrogen Membrane Cabinets
  • Nitrogen Membrane Skidded Systems
  • Nitrogen Membrane Containerized Systems

The Nitrogen Cabinet Series is mainly used from offshore supply vessels for nitrogen generation with purities up to 99.9%. The system can provide high flows of nitrogen having a small footprint and requiring minimal maintenance.

Outlet Pressurefrom 130 to 180 psig (9 to 12.5 barg)
Flowsfrom 480 scf/h to 15,080 scf/h (13.6 to 427 Nm3/h)

The Nitrogen Membrane Skidded systems are ideal where medium to large nitrogen flow rates are required, supplying nitrogen with purities up to 99.9%. The footprint of the system is small, and it requires minimal maintenance.

Outlet Pressurefrom 130 to 180 psig (9 to 12.5 barg)
Flowsfrom 480 scf/h to 170,000 scf/h (13.6 to 4,500 Nm3/h)

The Nitrogen Membrane Containerized systems can be operated as fixed or portable units, furnished in either a standard ISO type shipping container or DNV 2.7-1 approved container. Such systems are designed to be operated in the harshest environments from -45 0C to 60 0C, from safe areas to Zone II or Class 1 Div II hazardous areas. In addition, the unit can deliver nitrogen of 99.9% purity at high flow rates, and it can be certified to many third party agencies including DNV, ABS, LR etc. To date there are over 200 units in operation.

Outlet Pressurefrom 200 to 500 psig (14 to 34 barg)
Flowsfrom 30,000 to 240,000 scf/h (795 to 6,310 Nm3/h)