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Multi-client surveys

Recognizing the need to access high quality information of strata layers and subsurface formations, Fameline Oil & Gas offers advanced technologies, for seismic data acquisition, imaging and interpretation studies, through one of the largest multi-client provider in the world, TGS-NOPEC. Such surveys are essential for identifying potential hydrocarbon plays.

TGS-NOPEC specializes in 2D and 3D data imaging from marine, land, OBC, transition zone and wide-azimuth acquisition methods with products and services including time/depth and anisotropic imaging. The company maintains the largest library of multi-client geological and geophysical data, including 2D & 3D multi-client seismic data; marine gravity, magnetics and aeromagnetic data; and well data covering all five continents. Complementary to the imaging services, TGS offers interpretation studies and services that integrate seismic, well logs, biostratigraphic, core and other geoscientific data to create basin-wide regional frameworks.

The use of multi-client surveys offers significant advantages over the proprietary seismic data to both the host government and the International Oil Companies: provides a much better and integrated understanding of the subsurface with lower costs.

Benefits of Multi-Client Surveys
For the Host GovernmentsFor the IOCs
  1. More active and competitive licensing rounds
  2. Provides data which assists decision making about operational matters
  3. Provides the opportunity to create sub-surface maps that can help in the stewardship of the natural resources.
  4. Rapid and efficient development of reserves
  1. The acquisition risk is taken by the geophysical company in the license fee
  2. Facilitates higher exploration and development success rates.
  3. Access to high quality data at a lower cost compared to exclusive proprietary ownership