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Portalevel® MAX

Portalevel® MAX is a quick, accurate and efficient Ultrasonic Level Indicator for inspecting the content of Fire Suppression System Cylinders onboard drilling rigs, production platforms, and fire suppression vessels. The ultrasonic level indicator has significant advantages compared to the typical methods of testing utilising Weighing and Radioactive devices.

Weighing is a time consuming and costly process since the cylinders requires personnel for removing them from their brackets in order to certify their content. A second method is to use Radioactive Level Indicating devices however such devices imply considerations for their storage, use, transportation and disposal. In contrast, the inspection of fire suppression cylinders with Portalevel® MAX requires only one person with the cylinders remaining in their brackets, without the presence of any hazardous radioactive materials or devices.

Portalevel® MAX is easy to use, provides definitive results and is the fastest device available on today’s market to test large number of cylinders of:

  • CO2
  • FM-200
  • Novec 1230
  • FE-13 and FE-15
  • CEA 410
  • Halons and a range of other extinguishing agents

For more information please have a look at Portalevel® MAX technical specification brochure