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Portascanner™ II

Portascaner™ II, the second generation of Portascanner™ first introduced to the market in 1993, has set the standard for watertight and weather-tight integrity testing.

It is an ideal alternative to water hose or pressure testing, and it is widely used successfully on board drillships, rigs, platforms and other vessels. Portascanner™ II is primarily for monitoring mechanically and hydraulically actuated watertight and weather-tight doors (e.g. doors protecting the ballast pump room and housing the auxiliary pumps, generators and machinery).

Portascanner™ II is operated with just one person and it is far quicker than any other testing method. It is capable of locating the leak site, and enhancing safety of personnel and operations via frequent tests.

For more information please have a look at Portascanner™ II technical specification brochure